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Colonialism continues to shape the world today. It perpetuates an environmental agenda that silences the voices of people like me, people like you: women, people of colour, people in developing countries, people advocating for the intrinsic value of Nature. 

For the longest time I was not aware of this. I followed the mainstream environmental agenda thinking it was objective because it was based on Western science.

This all changed when I left Mexico to get a PhD in Australia.

The more I looked into the dominant sustainable development agenda the more I understood it had no place for me, a woman from a developing country. This realization embarked me on a decolonial journey to find my voice. 

The process was difficult and very slow. Above all, it was very lonely. My university was not equipped to support voices from the periphery, like mine. To my knowledge, I was the only PhD student in the whole Faculty engaged in decoloniality. Despite all of this, finding my voice was powerful and therapeutic at the same time. 

It is because I found my voice that I was able to make a difference. I’m sharing my journey in the hopes it can point you in the right direction, so you can find your voice a bit quicker than I did. In the hopes that you don’t feel alone like I did.

I write these posts to plant seeds that contain different ways of looking at reality. Seeds that allow for other ways of knowing, being, feeling and understanding the world. Seeds that allow us to transform our relationship with the Earth.  

I write these posts to turn them into a book that can sum up these ideas more clearly. To better help you find your voice. Until then, you can read these blog posts here.

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